About Just Pizza Express

HELLO. My name is Javier.

My background comes from working with different Pizza Restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area. I am also a customer. And as a customer I like my deliveries on time, but as always in Chicago delivery service has been very bad. You have to wait for an hour and half to two hours sometimes just to get dinner for our family, or when friends come over to watch the game. And all I ordered was a pizza. Sure everyone will advertise that their pizza is the best in town. And I agree. Chitown has the best pizza anywhere period. The only thing is they can't get it to me fast enough. My kids are hungry, the game is almost finished. I mean come on!!

Just Pizza Express

SO WE STARTED PIZZA EXPRESS. Every few weeks there will be a pizza special deal on the website. Customers can create an account were they can store there delivery information and keep track of the pizza orders and PIZZA REWARDS POINTS! Customers can order the pizza specials pay with there credit card or debit card, "SORRY NO CASH ORDERS" and with in minutes dispatcher will call you to confirm, PLEASE ANSWER YOUR MOBILE PHONE, so you can meet your driver downstairs at the outside door, to receive your pizza order DELIVERED FREE!


As a customer I also like to get my rewards too; but I don't like going through hassles of coupons and codes. So as a reward, RECEIVE PIZZA REWARDS POINTS FOR FREE PIZZAS Just *”sign up for text-email "Promos"* were every few weeks we will send you a message about the new pizza special that will be offered.

I love pizza, especially if I can RECEIVE IT or WIN IT for FREE. That's why I offer FREE DELIVERY To all REGISTER CUSTOMERS. Tips and gratuity is always appreciated for the DRIVERS, of course.

Each week RANDOMLY, we text or email participating customers a trivia question where they can

WIN FREE PIZZAS for dinner or parties. An example: "IN WHAT YEAR THE BEARS WON THE SUPER BOWL? The first 10 customers to get in contact with us will WIN FREE PIZZAS an example: "The Party pack is 5-16" X-L pizzas with 5, 2 liters of PEPSI".

Check out PROMOS for more details. We will also have games and trivias on Facebook and Twitter. Where customers can also WIN MORE FREE PIZZAS.

How can I give out so many FREE PIZZAS you ask? Simple it attracts people like you and me to order and to see how many FREE PIZZAS they can get!! So it saves the company money in advertising which then we can pass the savings to the customers has FREE PIZZAS.

So come on !! Give us a try.

Any concerns or comments you can contact us @ 773-661-9766. Any other news or story's will be updated here and on Facebook Twitter and Instagram . So like us and follow us!

See you soon, and thank you.